11th Tour du Roc 2009

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 July 2009 – Granville

E.V. Granville Natation are inviting members to take part in this event, which is part of the FFN French Open Water Swimming Cup. A number of swimmers from Jersey will also be taking part and the Club are keen to introduce other British swimmers to the event. Significant prize monies are on offer.

Members of the the British Gas Development Open Water team recently secured all medals available from the 5km event in the first leg of the French Cup.

Tour du Roc
Tour du Roc
Club website: www.granville-natation.fr
Club email: evgnatation@orange.fr
Tour du Roc website: http://tourduroc.fr/
Contact for more information: Gabi Kennedy-Hill gabii-xx@hotmail.com or phone 0033668823303

Saturday 4 July 2009
5km swim :
At the slipway of the fishing port :
Meet at 2.30pm – technical briefing at 4pm
Start of the race around 4.30pm (depending on the tide)
Podium and prize giving : 6.45pm

There will be drinks for competitors on Saturday night as well as a water polo match between Granville and Jersey in the Plat Gousset sea water swimming pool.

1km Race (12,13yrs)
Plat Gousset beach
Meeting at 3.00pm
Start at 4.00pm
Prizes and podium at 6.30pm at the same time as the relays

Club cup (relay of 4 swimmers, 1km each)
Plat Gousset beach
Meet and start after the “benjamin’s” race.

5000€ worth of prizes and money will be awarded by category for the swimmers.
Prize money for the first three boys and the first three girls :
1st : 100€
2d : 70€
3d : 40€

Prize money for the first clubs in the relay :
1st : 400€
2d : 200€
3d: 100€
4th : 50€

The podium presentations will be helod around 6.45pm on Saturday and 6.30pm on Sunday. Prizes will only be given to the clubs and persons present during the ceremony.

Entry registration fee:
5kms: 14€
1km: 8€
Relay: 8€ if the swimmer did not swim the 5k or the 1k, otherwise free.
You cannot register on site for the 5km.

You can register on site for the 1k race for the 12,13yrs and for the relay so long as you also show your “swimming licence” (proof that you belong to a swimming club).

Before entering we strongly advise you to discuss the suitability of this competition with your Coach and if dual registered home Coach and note and follow ASA guidelines on competing abroad.

Closing date: Monday 29 June 2009

Download entry pack

View video below of 2008 5km event (9m 47s)

View video below of 2007 5km race (9m 48s)

View video below of 2008 1km race for 11y/12y course benjamin (9m 48s)