2010 Solent Swim

5 September 2010 – Cancelled see comments below

The Solent Swim is a challenging open water swim. The distance is approx 2.5 to 3 miles depending on the tide / wind.There are kayaks and RIBs supporting the swimmers and also the Solent Coastguard on one of the RIBS.

The Solent Swim
The Solent Swim
Last year the swim went from Hampstead ledge on the Isle of Wight to a small beach at the end of Tanners Lane, in Lymington. They took 45 swimmers across, with around 6 swimmers not completing the swim. This year’s event is supported by Austin Fraser and organised by a charity (Champion Behaviours*) and Race New Forest.

It costs £100 to take part with / plus sponsorship (less than the £500 cost of entering the Samaritans Solent swim in July which is limited to 30 particpants) – bargain!

Visit www.championbehaviours.com

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Phone: Gillian Everett 07725 048505 Gilly@championbehaviours.com

There will be associated open water swimming sessions held on Saturday mornings: 7 August, 14 August from the The Needles Eye cafe on Milford sea front (SO41 0PY for the sat navs) at 10ish, to aim for a 10.15 / 10.30 start.

They have arranged these swims in conjunction with the Lymington Triathlon club, so there may not be a representative from Champion Behavious there. The organiser is Valeria Sesto (vsesto2001@yahoo.com.ar).

They also hold regular open water sessions every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, and Friday at 6.15pm from the same location in Milford.

* Note
Champion Behaviours is a charity set up to deliver motivational workshops to young people aged 11-16 years old who are in danger of exclusion from school and society.

They believe that every child matters and have created Champion Behaviours as a way of directly helping to re-engage disaffected young people – promoting inclusion – and improving attendance, classroom behaviour and social skills, whilst reducing crime, fear of crime and anti social behaviour in our community.

Their ‘value added’ sessions will help schools add value to the lives of the young people in their charge. We aim to help young people develop a sense of belonging and want to become valuable members of their community, adding to it, not simply taking from it.

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  1. 5 September 2010

    We have been advised that the Solent Swim 2010 will not be going ahead as there will be insufficient safety vessels to support it. Organisers Champion Behaviours will be able to offer an alternative coastal swim on the same day at a similar time: along the coastline from Barton on Sea to Milford on Sea, an open water swim of approximately 3.5 miles. They do have enough safety vessels to enable them to offer this alternative. You will be swimming along the shoreline. This will be better for spectators as they will be able to walk along the beach or the cliff top and support you along the way.

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    Phone: Gillian Everett 07725 048505 Gilly@championbehaviours.com

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