EDOWSC 10km Swim 2015 Results

Congratulations to all nine swimmers who took part in our 10km swim on 13 September 2015. With very testing conditions and a ‘lumpy’ sea, everyone swam magnificently!

Bob Holman said: “We must give a big thank you to our beach walkers and to Mark Vides for opening up his chalet and providing many cups of soup, tea and coffee which were very much appreciated by all. Also, thank you to everyone who contributed to the feast after the swim.”

Thanks to Bob Smith who provided photos and added: “The event was well organised and Bob Holman’s handicapping was spot on, with everyone finishing in close succession.”

It was of course a personal challenge, but for those interested in times they were:

Emily Clarke 02:35:16
Jordan Young 02:35:16
Richard Lines (guest) 02:52:00
Mark Harris 03:07:25
Rob Kellaway 03:07:45
Stuart Purcell 03:11:15
Andrew Gill 03:17:47
Toby Wallis 03:32:32
Matthew Smith retired after 02:26:00