Calling All Volunteers

Registration Duty

Our thriving Club is run entirely by volunteers – people like you! 

Volunteers are needed to help with swim registration, organising swim treks and events and to run the committee.

In order to run our sessions we need every member to give up an occasional swim session to help with swim registration duty. It’s a fun job and just involves chatting to swimmers, registering them and making hot chocolate and making sure Marc doesn’t eat all the biscuits!

If every member volunteers just once we’ll easily fill all the slots. So don’t delay, please use this form to sign up now!

We need at least two volunteers for a Tuesday session to open the changing rooms and register swimmers. Registration duty is fun and a great way to meet members. After you’ve signed up you’ll get an automatic email confirmation containing full instructions including details of our Emergency Action Plan. You’ll also get automatic reminder emails before your duty spot.

To sign up just scroll down and pick your date. Click on the blue “sign up” link and fill in your details. If you signed up in error or find that you can’t make the date and the slot is more than two weeks away, please contact us and we’ll clear you from the system. If the slot is within the next two weeks, please find a replacement and let us know who it is and we’ll adjust the records.

Sign up below…

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2023 Tuesday Registration Volunteers