Ann's Two-way Channel Challenge

Club member Ann McGrath is preparing for a 2-way Channel Swim relay challenge from 1 to 8 August 2010.

Ann is part of a team of six from across England who are all currently training and doing their bit to come together on the day – or days – it will take to complete the two way swim.

The 49-year-old swimming teacher from Mudeford successfully completed a Channel relay swim on 6 August 2009 with three male team-mates. She did not swim as a child after being diagnosed with a hole in the heart.


With one team member not showing up and adverse weather, the omens weren’y looking good! Increased the swell caused the team to suffer from sea sickness. Ann said afterwards that she did enjoy her swim but unfortunately the two-way attempt had to be abandoned just 5 hours in when a team member declined to go in. The experience hasn’t deterred Ann from a future attempt.

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