Annual Improvement Plans – Supporting Club Sessions

During the open water swimming season, we will be keeping you informed of how we are catering for the increased popularity of our Club and sport.

Our first taster session of 2013 on 7 May went well with thanks to Gerry, Jan and Mark. We had 36 swimmers in the water including 13 tasters so it can be a little hectic!

This year our membership is likely to exceed 100. Like some of you reading this, many swimmers attend their first session having little or no experience of open water swimming. They join our Club for similar reasons to your own.

We do need to ensure more people are available to assist on Tuesday club nights, particularly when we are running taster sessions. Hopefully some of you will be able to commit to helping Gerry so that the administrative load can be shared. If we had two volunteers, Gerry could even take the odd night off!

Also, do we have any volunteers to help Mark and Jan with our taster sessions (just 4 more occasions this year – 4 June, 2 July, 6 Aug, 3 Sep)?

If you can “give back” by helping out, making new members feel welcome or beach walking please contact Bob Holman (