Annual Membership Form

Only Complete this form if you are renewing your annual Club Membership or if you have completed a Tuesday evening Taster Session.

If you are a new member who has not completed a Taster Session please read about our Taster Sessions and book a place.

Annual Membership Form


Membership Type
Select either "New" or "Renewal" as applicable


Before anyone can join EDOWSC they have to take part in a Taster Session. This is so we can pass on Safety Advice for Open water swimming, knowledge of local hazards, tides and localised weather info. This also covers a practical session where we can teach you the 3 elements of self help whilst in the water along with providing an accompanied swim on your first occasion.

Taster Session?
Dryside Taster is a Theory only session. Whereas a Full Taster Session is both the Theory Session and Water Session with one of our Taster Leaders.
Membership Fee
Only select "Reduced" if applying after 1st August


Enter 'N/A' if none, else please identify any medical ailments/ medication that we should be aware of.
Enter 'N/A' if none, else enter any known allergies that you are reactive to, that we should be aware of:


Please enter details of two (x2) Emergency Contacts. These need to be someone who will not be swimming with you, at the same time during an EDOWSC club session.

Please list them as Emergency Contact A) and B) in that priority.

A) Emergency Contact
A) Emergency Contact
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B) Emergency Contact
B) Emergency Contact
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The Documents below are there to ensure that we operate a safe place for all our members to enjoy swimming in the sea at Shore Road. We therefore ask that you familiar yourself with these documents:

Do you acknowledge, understand and agree to abide by the above named documents whilst swimming with EDOWSC club?

Club Rules
I acknowledge and understand the above documents!
Normal Operating Plan (NOP)
I acknowledge and understand the Normal Operating Plan (NOP)
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
I acknowledge and understand the Emergency Action Plan (EAP)


Our Tuesday evening Sessions can not operate without members volunteering to take on the odd registration duty. This role is simply to check in swimmers as they turn up, ensure the refreshments are ready for after the swim and to tick off all the swimmers, after their swim and to ensure everybody is accounted for.

We would like to encourage all members to take a turn at registration duty at least once. The more we can get the less turns you need to do.

For full Registration Details please read this document Registration Duties

Registration Duties
Are you willing to help out with 1 or 2 Registration Duties?

Thank you for agreeing to signup up for some registration duties

Once you have submitted your club membership form, please go to the Registration Duty Sign Up Sheet and choose any available slots that you can do and sign your self up.  You will also be able to find out more details about what the Registration Duty involves. :-) 

The Registration Duty Sign Up Sheet can be located under the Menu Option: "Members Area">"Registration Sign Up"  


This Distance Swimmer Disclaimer  is intended for very experienced sea swimmers who wish to swim outside of the normal parameters of the club swims. They may wish to enter the water before the club session begins and swim beyond the agreed boundaries for that session too. They will not have kayak safety cover and assume all risks that lack of safety  cover entails. They will be expected to return from the water by the time agreed for that particular session.

Distance Swimmer!
Do you agree to the disclaimer and want to become an EDOWSC Distance Swimmer?

By agreeing to this disclaimer option and opting to participate in distance swimming you are accepting sole responsibility for your safety and conduct at all times and in all aspects of the swims. The Club (EDOWSC) will not provide any beach walkers or paddle-craft support. It is strongly recommended that distance swimmers support each other by means of a buddy system. You will wear the Club’s distance swimmer swim hat to indicate to beach walkers and paddle-craft that you intend to swim further than the patrolled area. You may decide at any time to remain in the patrolled area but the Club requests that on such occasions you wear the Club’s regular swim hat.


By completing this form you acknowledge the rules of the East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club and confirm your understanding and acceptance that such rules (as amended from time to time) shall govern your membership of the Club. Whilst every endeavour is made to provide safety cover and shore walkers for our swimmers this may not always be possible. You should also be aware that the volunteer safety cover provided may not have safety qualifications. You accept responsibility for your own safe conduct at all times whilst swimming with EDOWSC


We fully comply with GDPR Rules - follow this link to view our Data Protection Policy


Once you submit your membership form, you will automatically be taken to a Payment Page  where you can purchase a Membership Ticket and enter your card  payment details.

If you do not get taken automatically to the Payment Page there will be a link in the email notification you will receive, which can then taken you directly to the Payment Page.

Your EDOWSC Membership will only be active once we receive payment and a membership form.