ASA Survey for Non-Aquatic Volunteers 2015

Through the ASA Volunteer Engagement Survey for non-Aquatic Volunteers, the ASA is looking to develop a greater understanding of the reasons why members of the community choose not to participate as a volunteer within aquatics.

We are committed to providing a Sport for All and in doing so offer a wider range of aquatic volunteering opportunities to ensure volunteering can be enjoyed by everyone no matter of their age, sex, ethnic background or level of ability.

The survey is aimed at those who are aged 16 and over and who are not currently participating as a volunteer in any aquatic environment or those who do not currently give up their time as a volunteer in any capacity. Respondents should feel free to complete the survey if they have previously been an aquatics volunteer but are no longer.

This short survey will take between 5-10 minutes to complete and will provide the ASA with the information to build upon our engagement strategy to attract more volunteers into our sport and break down the barriers to volunteer participation.

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This data will not only support the ASA as an organisation to understand who we are reaching within the volunteering sphere, but also to develop our understanding of the perceived red tape which may prevent a volunteer from wanting to or being able to participate.

For all queries regarding the use of the survey results, please contact