Becoming an open water official

Open water swimming is becoming increasingly popular. And like any other aquatics discipline it needs officials to insure events run smoothly. If you would like more information about becoming an open water official, read on.

The growth in popularity of open water swimming has led to the alignment the qualification steps for open water officials with those being used for pool officials to ensure parity. It created an Open Water Official Level 1 and an Open Water Official Level 2 qualification.

How to become a British Swimming Open Water official

The first thing you need to do is complete the application form below.available via the link below. It costs £8.00 each to register for either British Swimming Open Water Official Level 1 or Level 2.

Click here to download an open water officials application form

When completing the form you should indicate which level you are applying for. You can only apply for level 2 if you are already a qualified Open Water official Level 1.

Level 1 applicants will be registered as candidates for Open Water official and will have an experienced referee appointed as a mentor. Your mentor will arrange an introductory course as soon as possible and will direct you through the processes, theoretical work and practical experience required.

You will need a workbook. Click the link below to access it. During your training you will be expected to work alongside qualified officials. Once you have completed your training you will be qualified to act as an Open Water timekeeper, chief timekeeper, finish judge, and turn judge.

Click here to download the Level 1 workbook.

Level 2 applicants will work directly with their appointed mentor to meet the additional targets and experience required for this level. You will be expected to perform the duties of starter, race judge, chief judge, assistant referee, safety officer, course officer, clerk of the course and recorder.

Some of these will be under close supervision so that you can gain the experience, particularly when assisting the safety officer or course officer. Once you complete the training you will be qualified to act as race judge, chief judge and assistant referee. This is in addition to the roles you qualified for during level 1.

Use your mentor to get advice and guidance on how you should add to your experience and he will also help you by trying to ensure that you get invited to officiate at a wide range of events.

Click here to download the Level 2 workbook

How to become a British Swimming Open Water referee

Firstly, you must be an Open Water official level 2 as outlined above with experience in all of the roles, particularly chief judge, course officer and assistant referee. You will need to have worked closely with a safety officer to understand his role thoroughly.

Once you have gained enough experience, and your mentor believes you are ready, you can apply to register as an Open Water referee candidate, this will be done at the beginning of the season and you and your mentor will decide what extra experience you need in the coming season and, where possible, you will be given priority to be appointed for the roles you need at events around the country.

In the autumn you will sit the British Swimming Open Water referee examination paper. This will be a written paper, the aim of which is to determine whether you are ready to act as a British Swimming Open Water referee.

Once you have achieved a pass in the referee written examination, you will be assessed as you referee two separate events during the next season. These practical assessments must be at different locations and one must be outside your own region. You will be expected to cover the full range of referee duties and will be assessed on how you perform and how you respond to practical situations. Some of these situations will be live as they occur at the events and some will be posed by the assessor as theoretical questions.

Once you have passed the practical assessment you will be registered as a British Swimming Open Water Referee. You can be called upon to officiate in this role at any event throughout the three home countries. You will also be eligible to act as an assistant referee at LEN and FINA Open Water events held in England, Scotland and Wales.

Click here to download the Open Water Referee Course Application Form

The fee to start the British Swimming Open Water Referee training including the written examination is £10.

Click here to download the Open Water Referee Briefing Notes

Click here to download the Open Water Referee Record of Progress Form