BlueSeventy Response to FINA Ruling

Please note that when FINA released its list of approved suits for the World Championships in July, it did not approve 10 high-tech racing suits including blueseventy’s 11 models in accordance with FINA’s Dubai Charter.

None of blueseventy’s suits were listed on FINA’s site as approved models, including models that were previously and legally used in FINA competitions.

blueseventy is stunned by this omission. blueseventy’s Global Marketing Manager, Dean Jackson said, “We were very comfortable with the criteria for testing that FINA had outlined, our suits passed well under the threshold for buoyancy and thickness proposed by them. We have had confirmation that our suits passed the independent laboratory testing for both of these tests.”

Officially, blueseventy’s products were classified as suits that “may cause significant air trapping when worn by the swimmers.” In response, blueseventy has 30 days to make modifications to its suits so that they no longer trap air.

“We are dedicated to working on the best solution to the short-term situation and will work closely with FINA on this process,” said Roque Santos, blueseventy’s Vice President of Swimming. Steve Nichols, CEO of blueseventy, gave an interview to Floswimming to explain further. Listen to the interview below (9m 31s flashplayer required to view).

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