Borough of Poole Sport and Recreation Grants 2015/16

EDOWSC has been invited to apply for grant funding from the Borough of Poole for 2015/2016 providing it is for activities which support the Council’s objectives for the promotion of sports and active healthy lifestyles. These

  • Making more people, more active, more often
  • Tackling inequalities, in particular inequalities related to finance or health
  • Providing localised activities for younger or older people in targeted areas

They are particularly keen to support projects working with:

  • Residents of Poole Town, Alderney and Hamworthy West (to address the specific health inequalities in these areas) but will consider applications from other wards.
  • Young people aged 5 – 19 years and older people aged 50+
  • Disadvantaged groups, in particular groups for disabled people

The total grant fund available (subject to final approval), for 2015/2016, is expected to be £10,000. Grant applications of £500 – £1000 will be considered.

Enclosed with the application form is a fact sheet which further outlines eligibility.

The application and all supporting documentation will need to be submitted by Friday 30 January 2015.

Your Committee welcomes suggestions for discussion.

Please use the contact page to share your ideas with us.