British Gas ASA 3km Masters Open Water Championships 2011

The 2011 British Gas ASA 3km Masters Open Water champions were decided on the opening day of the ASA Open Water Festival at Rother Valley Country Park in Sheffield.

Following on from the 1km mass participation event, the experienced swimmers of the British Gas ASA 3k Open Water Masters Championships took to the water to compete for national honours.

There was a big entry from the 50-54 year age group which eventually saw Croydon Amphibians’ Paul Hare and Warrender Baths’ Janie Carmichael win the men’s and women’s titles respectively.

Carmichael has only been swimming for two years, having developed a love for open water after trying it on holiday in Egypt.

“This is the next stage in my open water development,” said Carmichael. “I enjoyed the swim and hoped for the best. I do prefer the longer swim.”

Meanwhile, Warrington Dolphins swimmer Graham Padgett – who won the 60-64 years age group – said: “I have been an open water swimmer for the past 10 years. This is my first ASA open water swim – I may be getting too old for this but it was nice out there!”

Results of the top finishing positions in the Male age groups are:
20-24 years – Matthew Breckon (Loughborough University) 00:35:06
25-29 years – Tony Davies (Cardiff Masters) 00:53:10
30-34 years– Pip Bennett (St Pauls School) 00:41:50
35-39 years – Andrew Allum (Wycombe District) 00:41:16
40-44 years – Daniel Bullock (Otters) 00:41:23
45-49 years – Mark Partridge (Stroud Masters)00:46:40
50-54 years – Paul Hare (Croydon Amphibians) 00:41:51
55-59 years – Andrew Huckle (Wycombe District)00:44:17
60-64 years – Graham Padgett (Warrington Dolphins) 00:48:28
65-69 years – Tony Cherrington (Gloucester Masters) 00:53:33
70+ years – Michael Read (Brighton) 00:56:55

Ladies top finishing positions:
19-24 years – Helen Mc Roberts (Co Sheffield) 00:38:33
25-29 years – Katherine Loker (Calv Bing) 00:44:55
30-34 years – Sarah Kinsey (Bo Kirklees) 00:46:41
35-39 years- Nicola James (Market Harborough) 00:47:21
40-44 years – Rhian Andrews (Cardiff Masters) 00:50:21
45-49 years – Judy Brown (Warrington Dolphins) 00:44:04
50-54 years – Janie Carmichael (Warrender Baths) 00:46:43

Click to download full male and female results from the British Gas ASA 3k Open Water Masters Championships.