British Gas Swimfit programme

Five-time Olympian and Strictly Come Dancing contestant, Mark Foster, was joined by professional football and rugby players to launch British Gas Swimfit in the North at the Nuffield Health: Doncaster Fitness and Wellbeing Centre on 1 September 2010

The ASA’s British Gas Swimfit programme is a free-to-use gym-style initiative for the pool. The website allows swimmers to set their own goals and log all the swimming that they do. Swimfit also provides poolside units with laminated session cards to allow pool-users to choose a session suitable for them.

Foster who is one of the most successful British swimmers ever having also broken eight world records and won six world titles said: “What I love about Swimfit is that it gives people a challenge, it’s like having a poolside coach to encourage you along.

“A lot of people want to get fitter and healthier and if you don’t feel that cycling or jogging suit you, then swimming may be the sport for you.

“The water buoyancy makes swimming suitable for all shapes and sizes it’s brilliant for burning calories and is low impact so will protect against injuries and now with Swimfit it’s even more fun”.

Foster was joined by players from both Doncaster Rovers FC and Doncaster Knights RFC were in attendance to try their hand at swimming and give the British Gas Swimfit sessions a go. The players were impressed with the sessions and may now use them to supplement the fitness training that they already do.

Doncaster Rovers Manager Sean O’Driscoll said: “Swimming forms a big part of a player’s fitness regime and also after injury their rehabilitation, so we were happy to support this fitness initiative to get people healthier and their fitness levels higher. Doncaster Rovers have always used swimming as part of their training and will continue to do so”.

Swimming is a fantastic activity for people who participate in other sports, or who have been injured to take part in. Exercising in water relieves the body of 70-80% of its weight making swimming ideal for those with joint or mobility difficulties and for those who want to use swimming as part of their regular fitness programme.

Swimfit is split into four categories based on the swimmer’s reasons for swimming; Health, Shape up and Tone, Fitness and Competitive, making it suitable for everyone.

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