Chilli Nutters Channel Relay 2014

Update 16 Aug 2am #edCN14 – @edowsc Chilli Nutters* got the go ahead for their Channel relay crossing and left Dover at 11am on Fri 15 Aug. They completed it after 15h 11m of challenging conditions – well done to all. See below.

* Chris Millener (team captain), Mark Shakles, Judith Martin, Tom Duly and Ali Budynkiewicz (who replaced Paulo de Luca).

Tom, Judith, Chris and Mark celebrate their successful swim
Tom, Judith, Chris and Mark celebrate their successful swim
Chilli Nutters boys are ready
Chilli Nutters boys are ready
Chilli Nutters - asleep or ill
Chilli Nutters aboard Sea Leopard – asleep or ill

Thank you all for your encouragement and messages via Twitter (tag posts with #edCN14) or via our website or Facebook page.

View their progress with Sea leopard via the cspf website.

“If you would like to sponsor us visit We are raising money for the Dorset based charity Mosaic, supporting children and their families through bereavement. Many thanks.” – The Chilli Nutters.

Chilli Nutters relay 2014
Chilli Nutters relay 2014

Ali update Sat 16 Aug am – All home now! We landed just past the Cap after 15 hrs 14 minutes. And Mark shakles landed it.

A few dramas…..

It wasn’t until Judith, the third swimmer was in for her first swim, that Paolo felt he could not swim. He has been struggling with back problems, and sadly felt he might let the team down and not be able to complete.

Happily, I had already contacted the Swim Secretary at the CSA by email the night to advise of a possible change of team, and received confirmation I could swim in his place if needed. So with 1 hour to go, I was on. I did take along 3 costumes and pair of goggles and borrowed towels and dry robe. So, I was no 5 swimmer!

Mark Shakles was almost comatose with sea sickness from the minute he finished his first swim to getting off the boat at the end. Existed on 1/2 ginger biscuit and sturgeron all trip. Brave man! We thought he wouldn’t keep getting up to swim, but he did. Jude Martin also struggled with sickness but powered through.

Tides were strong and the conditions very lumpy. The team really worked so hard.

The boys wore pink Speedos…… nearly scaring everyone on the dock at the start, but really gave us a good laugh to start the swims . And we did laugh, lots of laughs when people weren’t sleeping, or being sick!!!!

Full update soon – bed now.