Claire stars at the 4th UK Cold Water Swimming Championships

Claire Hayward
Claire Hayward

24 Jan 09 – Tooting Bec lido

Star of the East Dorset team was Claire Hayward (16, pictured) who won the 30m front crawl (U20 age group) and the 5 lengths (500 yds) endurance event in a spectacular 6m 24s.

Annie Richardson won the 50-60 age group front crawl, and was 3rd in 50-60 age group breastroke. Ali Budynkiewicz came secodn in the 50-60 breastroke and although Jennie boyt just missed out on both finals, she made up for it by being quickest out of the pool after the swim competition!

Ray Budynkiewicz made both f/c and breastroke finals, finishing 5th in each.

Phil Richardson and Dave Crighton missed out on finals but swam fast in competitive age groups.

The water temperature was 3 degrees C, but thankfully it stayed dry and bright all day.

Annie and Ali spent some time talking to Kate Rew (author of “Wild Swim” (Guardian books £16.99 and all good bookstores) and founder of the “Outdoor Swimming Society“.