Channel Relay

Channel Relay Teams

Ever fancied swimming the English Channel?

Channel swimming was pioneered in 1875 by Captain Matthew Webb. His achievement still inspires many people who attempt the crossing as a solo or as part of a relay team.

East Dorset OWSC formed two relay teams in 2019 to make the crossing, The "Dorset Desperadoes" and the "Dorset Jelly Dodgers".

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The Jelly Dodgers

Dorset Jelly Dodgers
Dorset Jelly Dodgers

Fernanda Gurrieri (Team Captain), Richard Crump, Rich Brantingham, Liz Mills, Will Roberts, Antoinette McCauley

The Dorset Desperadoes

Dorset Desperadoes
Dorset Desperadoes
Eoin McDowell (Team Captain), Chris Elfes, Garry Brannan, Hannah McKay, Herve Tribouilley, Shona Marsh