Cold Wet Bloke 0 The Sea 1

EDOWSC member Jon Tribbeck’s channel swim finally got underway after a delay due to strong tide and winds.


Unfortunately Jon didn’t quite make it. He wasn’t far off France after 12hrs 32mins……a huge well done for a great effort and we wish him a speedy full recovery.


Jon posted on Facebook: “Don’t really know where to start apart from to say thanks to all of you for your kinds words and support. But unfortunately it was a case of:
Cold Wet Bloke 0 : The sea 1”

“When I was ordered out of the sea, although not far from France, the strong south westerly swell had not allowed the ebb tide to carry me as far to the south as we’d hoped. This meant I’d have had another 4 hours to swim with a possible landing near Wissant. My training and planning hadn’t let me down and this would have been fine but the sea became increasing rough as we entered French inshore waters.

“I inhaled water and as time went on began to take on more and more. Eventually I felt like I was sinking and had to over rotate to gasp for air. This was a vicious circle that eventually made me keep stopping, taking on more water every two to three breaths.

“I probably would have swum myself into oblivion but for the quick thinking and experience of my crew. I was pulled out which meant the swim was over. We were still 2 hours by boat from Dover and my crew suspected that I was suffering from pulmonary edema which in laymans terms meant fluid in my lungs and required urgent treatment.

“The coastguard scrabbled a helicopter and airlifted me to Ashford hospital. The pulmonary oedema diagnosis was confirmed with by an x-Ray and treated but an abnormal ECG means that I’ve been now been admitted to the Cardiac Care Unit and will be here until at least tonight.

“My pilot, stuart Gleeson and his crew were fantastic as was the CSA observer Andr√© Roberts.

“My crew were Tom Watch, Marc Newman, Sarah Pasco, Karen Rees, Sarah Oldrey and Katja Tribbeck. They were the best crew that I could have possibly had. They kept my entertained when the swimming was easy and kept me going when it was tough. Ultimately they probably saved my life when I was lost. The best friends that I could ever wish for.”

Jon’s swim was in aid of Julia’s House children’s hospice who are aiming to build and open Wiltshire’s first dedicated children’s hospice by Autumn 2017. We hope you will support his fundraising effort which has raised over ¬£2800.