Davina McCall – Beyond Breaking Point Training

Davina McCall is taking on the BT Sport Relief Challenge. “Davina – Beyond Breaking Point” is a seven day ordeal which will see the 46-year-old attempt to run, swim and cycle over 500 miles from Edinburgh to London – entirely under her own steam. The challenge began on 8 February, and finish in London on 14 2014 February.

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Watch Davina attempt to conquer her life-long fear of open water swimming as she trains for the BT Sport Relief Challenge. Accompanied by Comic Relief challenges trainer Professor Greg Whyte OBE, Davina pushes through the pain barrier and plunges into the life-threateningly cold lake for her first ever session swimming in open water.

Speaking after the session, Davina said “I wish I could tell you that there was a part of it that I enjoyed and there was a part of it where I got tuned into some Zen like state but I’m not there yet. All I wanted to do was get my bit done and get out. It is so unbearably cold.”