Develop and Improve Speed & Power for Distance and Open Water Swimmers

Tyler Fenwick of Mission Viejo Swim Team describes and demonstrates a workout he designed for two of his distance swimmers on the Vasa Trainer. After doing this workout over a season, both athletes had tremendous results, and Tyler attributes a lot of the success to this workout on the Vasa Trainer. One athlete started at 17:30 in the mile, long course metres, and by the end of the season, he went 15:35 and made the national junior team. Another athlete won junior nationals (15:34) in the mile at 15 years old. Both athletes medalled in the 5km at US open water nationals.

“I feel like the Vasa Trainer had a great deal to do with it. That workout was draining physically, challenging physically to get through it mentally was just as important. They’d have pools of sweat on the ground and their focus really helped prepare them for open water Nationals and the miler.”

Tyler demonstrates the power pull and controlled slow recovery to the set position that the swimmers used for a continuous set of 35 minutes. The angle of the trainer was raised as fitness and strength increased.

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