EDOWSC 10 km Swim – Sunday 13 Sep 2015

Preparations for the 10k swim (EDOWSC club members only) are in their final stages. In order to make the organisation on the day straight forward, Gerry Griffin, Membership Secretary, has emailed a request for information NOW from members intending to participate – details below.

Even if you have indicated your interest in this swim Gerry will still need you to respond by return so that we have your emergency contact details.

We MUST emphasise that it will not be possible to transport any personal items from the start to the finish. Your beach walker MUST carry all your clothing and belongings. PLEASE travel light to save your friends from carrying excessive kit for a 10 km walk (6 miles). Failure to travel light could mean your friends becoming ex-friends!

NO BEACH WALKER NO SWIM! This has to be rigorously observed. There will be no other safety cover.

At the end of the swim there will be a few basic refreshments but if you wish to bring a few nibbles to share, that would be good. There is usually a very warm and friendly atmosphere as your colleagues arrive at Southbourne.

Swim Details

The Swim will start at Sandbanks Beach, near the Lifeguards Station. NOTE this is not the Club’s usual Shore Road meeting place.

There will be a staggered start with the slower swimmers setting off first around 6:30 am (time to be confirmed) with everyone aiming to finish at Fishermans Walk (Ali and Mark’s beach hut No. 1168) for refreshments around 10:30 am.

Every swimmer MUST have a beach walker. No beach walker no swim!

The beach walker will carry your clothes and any water or snacks that you need during the swim and a small plate of nibbles to share with all at the end of the swim.

The Club will provide water and a few nibbles but it would be nice if everyone brought a small plate to add to the feast. We hope to have soup and hot drinks available.

There will be absolutely no transport for taking swimmers property from the start to the end of the swim!

Further details will follow but only to those who respond to Gerry’s email. As this is very close to the swim date, please start getting organised now.

Required Information:-

  • Swimmer’s Name
  • Swimmer’s Emergency Contact’s Name
  • Swimmer’s Emergency Contact’s Number
  • Walker’s Name
  • Walker’s Mobile Phone Number

To enter or for more information, please contact Bob Holman (bobdiholman@btinternet.com)