EDOWSC 10km Swim 2016

EDOWSC’s 10km swim for club members is scheduled for Sunday 11 September 2016.

The event will start in Southbourne from the lifeguard hut near ‘Bistro on the Beach’ and finish at the Shore Road changing rooms with a shared lunch.

There will be staggered starts from 8am.

All participants will need a beach walker to carry essential supplies and a mobile phone in case of difficulties.

Please can anyone who wishes to participate please contact Alison Ruscoe (alisonruscoe@yahoo.co.uk) with their 1km swim speed so we can try to get everyone finishing at about the same time.

Nearer the time Alison will be requesting mobile number, name of the beach walker plus emergency contact and medical details.

Hopefully the images will help answer any initial queries!

EDOWSC 10km Swim Help
EDOWSC 10km Swim Help
EDOWSC 10km Swim Help
10km Swim 2016
EDOWSC 10km Swim Help
EDOWSC 10km Swim Help
EDOWSC 10km Swim Help