EDOWSC Pre-Season Social, AGM and Skittles Evening 28 Mar 2017

Following the postponement of the Club AGM on 5 Feb we are proposing to hold a pre-season social event on Tuesday 28 March at 7pm at the Coach & Horses, Wimborne which will include the AGM, a short briefing on ideas and events for the new swimming season, followed by a game of skittles to round off the evening.

Drinks will be available from the bar and a finger buffet will be provided. It will be a good opportunity for a club get together before the first swimming night and to hear what changes and events are planned for the coming season.

To help with catering, club members are asked to let Chris Millener know by email: dizzyheights3@hotmail.com if you can attend. Please encourage as many other club members as you can to join you, it should be a good evening!

We encourage as many of you as possible to come along and celebrate the successes of last year. The AGM also provides an important opportunity for members to have their say and become involved in the running of the club which is run entirely by volunteers. Roles can be tailored to fit round people’s busy lives.

We’ve had a number of people stand down this year which means we do need some fresh blood, especially in the area of additional committee members. If we have any budding committee members reading this please make yourself known as we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers with ideas which could move the club forward. Any contribution is always welcome please don’t hold back if your time is limited and you fancy making a difference.

Best wishes

Clive Grant

Download papers:

Agenda for AGM 2017

2016 AGM Minutes

Nominations received as at 26 Mar 2017.

Nomination Form for Committee membership – particularly interesting if you or someone you know would like to get involved. Please feel free to nominate friends with their approval or get friends to nominate you. If you wish to volunteer either for a specific post or as an additional member of the committee before the AGM, please email Alison Ruscoe (Club Secretary) alisonruscoe@yahoo.co.uk before 14 March 2017.

Future of the club – a document produced from feedback at last year’s AGM which the committee used to focus effort during last season. We intend to circulate it again at this year’s AGM to stimulate discussion and to get feedback to see if you like what has been done. Please have your ideas and opinions ready!

Happy New Year!