Emma Baird wins bronze at 2013 ASA Masters 3km Open Water event

It was a proud moment for EDOWSC’s Emma Baird as she collected 19-24 age group bronze at ASA Masters 3km Open Water event at Rother Valley on 28 July 2013. One of the Club’s original aims before the Beijing Olympics was to introduce new generations to open water swimming, so we are delighted that Emma not only becomes our first medallist at a national event, but that she was able to so soon after the birth of her son.

Congratulations also go to Seahorse Swim 2013 winner Guy Giles for his overall win in the Men’s race and of course, first in the 19-24 age group.

Photo taken from Emma’s recent Dorset ASA 2013 Masters swim.

From the ASA report:

The mens race saw tough competition in the boys 19/24 age group category with the top three finishing in seconds of one another. City of Oxford Guy Giles and the youngest male swimmer stormed to the finish taking home the gold medal with a time of 38:02.3.

“It was a great race, it was warm in there so didn’t have a massive impact on my performance. I am very pleased with my result today.” – Guy GilesKieran Mackenzie (Llantrisant) finished just shy of Giles in 38:30.5. William Jolly (City of Newcastle) claimed the bronze medal (38:43.4).

Otter swimmer Pip Bennett took home the gold medal for the 30/34 age group category with a time of 40:07.4. William Ellis (Kingston Roy) secured second place with a time of 41:41.5 and Samuel Chadwick (Godalming) clinched the bronze medal in 42:59.4

Les Church (Chester Academy) hit podium position with a time of 39:45.9 for the 40/44 age group category. Reading swimmer Joel Winter took home the silver medal finishing in 41:05.3. Local swimmer Joe Gavelle (Rotherham) secured the bronze medal in a time of 45:09.2.

Craig Kirkland (St Albans) shone to victory for the 45/49 age group category as he swam to the finish in a time of 41:31.9. Michael Pepper (Rotherham) finished closely in second (42:30.9) and Martyn Webster (Illkley) finished his three laps of the course in 46:43.4 to take home the bronze medal.

Swimmers in the 50/54 age group category fought hard against one another to gain national honours. Nicholas Parkes came out of the water on top as he stormed home in 40:30.2 to take the gold. City of Oxford John Cardry secured the silver medal (41:38.4) ahead of irish entry Neil Cooper (42:12.3).

Andrew Huckle (Wycombe) was victorious in the 55/59 age group category touching the finish line in 41:02.5. Ian Murray (Flitwick) claimed the silver medal (45:41.9) and Chesterfield swimmer Ian Hicks took home the bronze in 52:39.2.

Stuart McLellan (ISudbury) declared gold in the 60/64 age group category completing the course in 47:00.8 whilst Peter Stevens (Royal Navy) and Peter Ingham (Rotherham) strike gold and silver for their age group category, Stevens (59:44.5) and Ingham in 1:06.32.3.

Bill Moore (East Leeds) claimed the winning medal in the 75/79 age group category finishing in 1:02.54.2. Michael Jennings (Maidstone) took home silver in 1:06:32.3. The king of the channel and the eldest swimmer of the day, Keith Godbehere (Rotherham) showed endurance and determination once again as he crossed the finish line in 1:17:36.4

There were some outstanding performances in the womens race as Helen McRoberts (Warrender Baths) and Jennifer Titherington (City of Manchester Aquatics) dominated the course in the 19/24 age group category. Both swimmers were neck and neck for all three laps. McRoberts managed to sprint for the finish touching in 36:50.5, seconds ahead of Titherington in 36:52.7,

“I just tried to work on my finish and sprint to the end.” – Helen McRoberts

“It was hard work, a bit chopping down the far side but was a great finish between me and Helen.” – Jennifer Titherington

Emma Baird (East Dorset) took the bronze in 41:54.5.

It was a tight finish for top three in the 30/34 age group category. Louise Wallace (Wellingborough) secured the gold medal crossing the finish line in 47:21.7. St Albans competitor Laura Coombes came close to Wallace taking home the silver in 47:36.8 and Helen Whittle (Blackpool Aquatics) fought hard to declare the third place with a time of 47:56.7.

Sarah Wylie (Kingston) claimed prime position on the podium with a time of 42:01.8. Janette Cardy (City of Oxford) clinched second place in 45:47.7 and Alison Mackintosh (Carlton Forum) swam for bronze touching the finish flag in 45:55.6.

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Photos from this event are available to view on Stillsport