Night Swim

Night Swim
16th October 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
East Dorset OWSC

The last Tuesday evening swim of the season is a night swim. Please note later meeting time!

  • The normal club swim at 6:00pm is replaced by this night swim.
  • Please arrive for registration at 7:00pm (while there's still some light).
  • Safety briefing will be from 7:30pm and the swim will commence shortly afterwards.
  • Please keep your eye on this page and the member's Facebook page. The swim will only go ahead if conditions are good.
  • All swimmers must attend the safety briefing and enter the water at the same time. There will be no separate swims for yellow and green hat swimmers.
  • It is recommended practice to swim close to your buddy and stop regularly to regroup if necessary.
  • If a swimmer becomes cold or disoriented they should leave the water immediately with their buddy and report to the registration officer.
  • All swimmers should attach at least one light or glow stick.