Open Water Coaching Session

Ali B open water coaching
22nd July 2018 @ 9:00 am
East Dorset OWSC
Ali Budynkiewicz

Open Water Coaching With Ali

Ali Budynkiewicz is a Level 2 open water coach and will be available for some open water coaching sessions. She'll be able to offer her expert advice on different aspects of open water swimming for differing abilities and ambitions.

There's no extra charge for club members but there's only space for 6 swimmers at each session so please sign up now.

Open Water Coaching Programme

Tuesday 22nd May at 6.15pm

Suitable for novices and beginners to open water who can swim consistently for 1km.

  • Entry
  • Head/body position
  • Breathing patterns
  • acclimatisation
  • Some limited stroke and technique advice

Tuesday 12th June at 6.15pm

Suitable for improvers and swimmers who can swim at least 2km wanting to increase endurance and speed.

  • Discuss ambitions and training plans
  • Look at stroke work/technique – video coaching. Concentrate on propulsive phase of the stroke.
  • Look at drafting techniques in events
  • Breathing and sighting

Sunday 22nd July at 9am

Suitable for experienced open water swimmers aiming to enter tri events, marathon swims, channel relays, etc.

  • Entry and exit from events
  • Drafting effectively
  • sighting
  • Mass starts
  • Techniques to swim effectively around bouys ( will need bouys set up)
  • Training and feeding plans for endurance

Sunday 19th August at 9am

Suitable for novices and beginners to open water who can swim consistently for 1km. A review of swimming through the season

  • Short Loop swimming to evaluate stamina and stroke
  • Video of strokes
  • Body position and breathing
  • Introduce sighting

Sunday 9th September at 9am

Open to individual coaching (1 or 2 swimmers for ½ hour each for 1 ½ hours (6 places)

  • Focus on needs of individual swimmer
  • Look at specific aims/stroke and endurance plans.