Poole Bay 10K Swim

Poole Bay 10km Swim
9th September 2018 @ 8:30 am
Alison Ruscoe

Swim from Southbourne to Shore Rd

The East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club's 10K event will be open to all this year. So you don't need to be a club member, swimmers who are not members will just be required to join for the day at a cost of £3, sign a disclaimer and adhere to the rules of the event listed below.

There will be a shared lunch at the end of the event at the club's HQ at Shore Rd, so please bring some food and set aside time to be sociable and eat at the end of your swim!

This is a fun event and an opportunity to undertake a personal challenge without the formal event anxiety.

The swim will start at around 8:30am at the Bistro on the Beach in Southbourne and swim to Shore Rd beach in Poole.


  • You can swim this as a solo or relay event.
  • All swimmers will require a beach walker unless the event is being undertaken as a relay when other team members can be your beach walkers.
  • Beach walkers must be over 16, have a mobile phone with them, accompany you for the full distance, not be on kayaks and not be nipping off half way through to do something else!
  • Each swimmer must provide their own beach walker, sharing beach walkers between swimmers is not permitted even if the two swimmers are the same speed.
  • EDOWSC does not have any spare beach walkers, so don’t turn up on the day hoping to wing it.
  • Open to all - wetsuits and skins.
  • Timing will be done by Alison on her watch, so if you want 10ths of a second use your own gadget!

How to Enter

All swimmers should register their interest by September 2nd 2018 by sending Alison Ruscoe an email containing the following information:

  • Your name and email address (all your names and emails if it’s a relay team).
  • Any medical info we may need to know about in case anything goes wrong.
  • The name of your beach walker (n/a if it’s a relay and you are using your own team members).
  • Your beach walker's mobile phone number.
  • Two emergency points of contact not including your beach walker.
  • Your approximate (average across a relay team) time for 1km freestyle in a pool (we will stagger the start so the speedy ones aren’t waiting too long at the end).
  • If the event is cancelled for any reason we'll notify you by noon on Saturday 8th September.

The ideal situation is to meet up at Shore Rd before the event and leave as many cars as possible there. Lift sharing to the start at Southbourne can then be arranged.

Where is it?

Please see the map below for location details of the start an finish.

Bistro On the Beach, Southbourne.

East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club, Shore Rd