Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age do you need to be to join?

Currently we can only cater for adult swimmers so the minimum joining age is 16. ¬†There’s no maximum age – out oldest swimmer is approaching his 80th birthday!

  • Do I need to buy a wetsuit?

Not necessarily. Many swimmers choose to wear a wetsuit only in the spring or autumn, some wear one all year round. We also have swimmers you choose to swim all year round with no wetsuit. We suggest you come along in the summer or autumn when the sea is warm before you commit to buying a wetsuit.

  • How much does it cost to join?

Annual membership for 2024 is £40. Will charge a reduced fee for those joining after 1st August.

  • I’m an experienced sea swimmer, do I need to do a taster session?

Not necessarily. If you know a current club member who can vouch for your abilities we can fast track your membership. However, we still require you join the dry part of a taster session, where we discuss/point our all our local hazards and explain the how the club operates go through a few basic rules, all of which is purely aimed at making your time with us a very safe and enjoyable one not only for you but for all involved. It is also a good way to meet members of the club before committing to an annual membership.