FINA Open Water World Cup in Dubai and Shahjah

A 10-strong British Gas squad has been selected to take part in the 11th and 12th FINA Open Water World Cup events which will take place in Dubai and Shahjah on 17th and 21st October 2009.

Olympic bronze medallist Joanne Jackson and World bronze medallist Caitlin McClatchey, who competed in the British Gas Great North Swim earlier this year, will take part in their first 10km open water race in Dubai as they take on world class open water athletes.

European Junior Open Water Champion Eleanor Faulkner will continue her development in open water swimming as she competes alongside Jackson and McClatchey in the 10km race.

Caitlin McClatchey
Caitlin McClatchey
Daniel Fogg, who trains at the British Gas ITC in Loughborough, has competed in five of the FINA World Cup 10km races and will be looking to further his experience with this race.

Open Water Performance Manager Mark Perry commented: “The FINA Open Water World Cups will provide an experience of warm and calm water and a well organised event which I believe will get our new athletes off to a good start in open water swimming.

“For Eleanor this will be her second chance to compete in a 10km race and along with the likes of Sophie Casson this event will be about learning race strategies and tactics.

“For the strong pool-based swimmers that are taking part in their first open water races this is about gaining some real experience in open water swimming. I believe that this will be a good challenge for our quality pool swimmers that are on the team and I think they will enjoy this experience.”

The British Gas Open Water Team consists of:
Tom Allen – British Gas ITC Swansea
Robert Bale – British Gas ITC Loughborough
Daniel Coombs – British Gas ITC Loughborough
Daniel Fogg – British Gas ITC Loughborough
Gareth Keating – British Gas ITC Swansea
Sophie Casson – Loughborough University
Kaleigh Dawson – City of Newcastle
Eleanor Faulkner – City of Sheffield
Joanne Jackson – British Gas ITC Loughborough
Caitlin McClatchey – British Gas ITC Loughborough