French Cup 2009

14 June 09 – Creil

The British Gas Development Open Water team secured all medals available from the first leg of the French Cup.

The 23-strong squad are part of a joint initiative between Scotland, England, Wales and British Swimming to develop the sport further after the success in Beijing.

In the men’s 5km Tom Allen took the gold with Alfie Howes taking silver and fellow Brit Alex Mackay winning the bronze.

Aynsley Heseltine took the gold medal in the women’s 5km and Kayleigh Dawsom took the silver with Catherine Marcroft taking bronze.

National Open Water Performance Manager, Mark Perry was delighted with the results and is looking forward to the next round in the South of France this coming weekend.

French Cup results:

1 Tom Allen
2. Alfie Howes
3. Alex Mackay
4. Alistair Brown

1. Aynsley Heseltine
2. Kayleigh Dawson
3. Catherine Marcroft
4. Megan Gilchrist

Click to view results of 5km, 2.5km, 1km events.

You can a flavour of the event in this photo slideshow of 2008’s races.