Full Moon and Summer Solstice Swims

Wednesday 15 June 2011 (8pm to 10pm) from Beach hut 1168, Southbourne (about 100m left of Fishermans Walk zigzag, 1/2 way between Boscombe Pier and the Bistro at Southbourne)

Dorset Outdoor Swimming Society are organising a Full Moon swim – you can swim as far, or as little as you want – you don’t have to swim for 2 hours!

It is a social swim for wetsuited / non wetsuited swimmers, organised through the Outdoor Swimming Society. If you are not already members, you’ll find plenty of information about recreational open water and outdoor swimming from their website, www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com or look on facebook for the Dorset Outdoor Swimming page.

if you cant make the Full Moon swim, then Amanda, who runs the OSS in Dorset, is organising a Summer Solstice swim on 22 June 2011, again from hut 1168.