Gerry needs a whether report

In view of the very unseasonal weather, we need to consider delaying the start of our open water swimming season. The water is going to be much cooler than usual and Gerry Griffin, Membership Secretary has emailed our 2013 club membership to establish how many intend swimming on 16 April.

Please respond to Gerry on 01929 556 009 by Monday 8 April. Based on the response, Gerry will announce on the 9th when the season will start.

1 thought on “Gerry needs a whether report

  1. Update from Gerry:

    “First of all may I thank the very many of you who responded.

    Only three showed a willingness to swim so it has been decided to delay the start of our season by two weeks. The first swim is now planned for Tuesday 30 April 2013. It will still be cold but, hopefully, the general weather will improve by then.

    Apologies to those of you who wished to swim but I look forward to seeing you on the 30th.”

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