Get Safe 4 Summer

Summer is here [yes, really!] and you may be lucky enough to be going on a holiday by the sea. You might be going on a day trip to have a picnic at the beach, by a lake, on a riverbank or by a canal. However you spend your holiday, we want you to be safe whenever you are around water.

GS4S is a campaign run by the Amateur Swimming Association aimed at parents and children (in particular those at Key Stage 2 level). Its aim is to make children aware of the dangers posed by open water.

Get Safe 4 Summer
Get Safe 4 Summer
Remember the important messages of staying safe in and around the water, including the ‘SAFE’ code:

S: Spot the dangers. Whenever children are near water they should take extra care. They should look to see if the water is affected by currents or tides or if there are rocks, piers, groynes or breakwaters that may affect swimming. Children should also learn to look at what the general conditions are like in and out of the water.

A: Advice. Children should always try and always choose a place to swim where there are lifeguards and always take notice of safety information that may include warning or safety signs.

F: Friends. If children are going near water they should always go with a friend if they cannot be accompanied an adult. A friend could be able to get help if they get into trouble in the water.

E: Emergency. Children should never jump into water to rescue someone. A drowning person may be very strong and pull them under the water as well. Instead they should ring 999 or 112 and shout for help.

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