Getting started and keeping it fun!

More swimmers are trying Open Water swimming every year. Some enjoy the new challenges and the unpredictable conditions. Others like the break from the pool environment and find Open Water to be a great change of pace and scenery. And most will tell you that Open Water swimming is just plain fun! A USA Swimming DVD provides a great introduction to all aspects of Open Water and gives a coach all the tools to get started in this exciting sport.

Inside you will find from their perspective:

  • Tips for getting started
  • Interviews with National and Olympic team swimmers Micha Burden, Fran Crippen, Chad LaTourette, Erica Rose, Chloe Sutton and Mark Warkentin and coaches Bill Rose, Denny Ryther and Rick Walker
  • Basic skills, tactics and race strategies that can be practiced in the pool, lake or ocean
  • Training for Open Water by swimming in the pool
  • Conducting a Pool Open Water event
  • Introducing lake or ocean swims
  • Setting up and hosting Open Water events
  • Safety considerations

You can buy the DVD here

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