Great Big Open Water Swim 2009

blueseventy’s Great Big Open Water Swim (1km, 1m and 3km events) took place at Dorney Lake in Eton College, near Windsor.

Olympic 10km swim champion Maarten van der Weijden won the 3km event, drafting off Richard Stannard before taking the lead with 500m to go.

3km Men’s Results
1. Maarten Van Der Weijden (32:25)
2. Richard Stannard (32.26)
3. Bradley Hales (32.29)

3km Women’s Results
1. Michelle Senecal (37:39)
2. Katherine Weber (39:14)
3. Sophie Whitworth (40:03)

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View results of 1m swim
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And in just 18s, Maarten manages to turn what could have been a potential disaster into a marketing tool for his sponsor in this video from Japan (flashplayer required to view).