Highlights of British Gas Great Swim Series 2010 on Channel 4

bges10aWeekly highlights of the 2010 British Gas Great Swim Series begin on Channel 4 this Saturday.

Whether you know someone who competed or are curious about open water swimming and what it’s all about, don’t miss highlights of the Great East Swim at 07:30 on Sunday November 14.

Highlights of the Great London Swim follow at 07:30 on November 21 with the Great Salford Swim a week later.

If you fancy trying Open Water swimming for yourself, you can sign up for the 2011 British Gas Great East Swim now.

You can challenge yourself over ½ mile, one mile or two miles for the Swim at Alton Water Park on June 11.

Click here to find out more about the British Gas Great Swim Series.

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