How to Train for a Triathlon Open Water Swim

Whether you are considering your first triathlon, an athlete looking for a competitive edge, or just going into the water on a sunny day, the following videos will enhance your ability to avoid and prevent danger from occurring.

The Race Club teamed up professional triathlete and Silverline Athletic‘s Holden Comeau and LA County Lifeguard Andrew Czer as they prepare for the Venice Beach Triathlon to learn the safest and fastest way to enter the water. Learn critical open water swimming techniques such as “the bottom check” and “high stepping”. View Part 1 (5m 08s).

In part 2 below (4m 37s), learn how to navigate your way through a Surf break and get into your Swim faster and safer. Many people don’t understand the strength of even a small wave until it hits them while they are standing straight up. Whether the Surf is small or sizeable, these Open Water swim techniques are crucial for gaining a training edge in Triathlon competition and avoiding a dangerous situation for you and those around you. Meet John Baltz, a first time triathlete who borrows his friend’s wetsuit and tries it out… or does he? Maybe he’s in over his head…

In part 3 (3m 30s), learn critical advice on the transition from Swim to getting on your feet. Nothing is worse than having out swum your competitor only to find them beat you because they caught a wave.

Lifeguard Andrew Czer gives Holden Comeau advice on how to catch a wave and when to begin highstepping back into shore. And John wakes up for the competition but isn’t exactly prepared..

In part 4 (6m 25s) Comeau shows us how to train for a Triathlon in the pool and how he prepares the morning of the competition. Training for an Open Water swim race is much different than training for a pool race. While you should train in the sea often, it is not always feasible so adapt your swim training program by incorporating different techniques of kicking, swimming drills and variable speed swim training sets that will mimic the effort and distance of the Open Water swim in the pool.

Silverline Athletics ( and the LA Tri Club ( made the production possible!