Inside Out

If you wish to see some of your older colleagues on TV probably being made to look a little silly then tune into the BBC on Monday evening. A group of swimmers who were over retirement age together with a group of “youngsters” were invited to take part in the programme talking about retirement pensions. Gerry Griffin won’t say more other than the sea was involved. The EDOWSC crew were Bob Holman, Gerry, Terry Stewart and Gina Wilcox.

Monday 15th September – BBC1 at 7:30 pm – Inside Out – A Pensions Special

A short preview can be seen at

Jon Cuthill investigates why thousands of people across England are not investing in a pension. Millions of people of working age in the UK are living without any private or company pension. Despite all the warnings and government initiatives workers are still turning their backs on pensions.For the government it’s a ticking financial ‘timebomb’. For individuals it could mean years of financial hardship in retirement.