January 2014 Club Update

We are using a project management program to plan Seahorse Swim 2014, enabling us to manage the event not only this year but in future years. The program allows for key organisors of the swim to input information and complete a “to do” list. This should involve the appointment of 5 key roles: Overall Controller, Logistics (equipment), Safety, Admin/Publicity and Volunteer Coordinator. We can discuss this a little at our AGM but we will be looking to hold a full committee meeting soon after (mid February) to discuss the way forward.

One of the major benefits that can come out of the program is that we can list important contact details and show a data trail of who does what, and when. This will enable future committees to delegate responsibilities to new people who will have an archive view of what has happened previously. In other words, we are looking towards a degree of succession planning. It also means that an individual can take ownership of tasks with defined time scales.

As you will all know, Bob Holman was looking to step down as chairman at the AGM but remain on the committee to aid continuity. At a recent Seahorse planning meeting, it was pointed out that the Chairman does not necessarily have to lead the organisation of the Seahorse swim. Bob really believes this to be true and Mark Shakles has pointed out that he runs the Brownsea Swim but has not got a role on the main RLSS Poole Lifeguards committee. This arrangement works very well and for us could help to spread responsibilities more evenly.

Training for Channel Swim

Finally, as Ann Richardson and Jan Shepherd wish to step down from the committee, we really need fresh blood to fill the very valuable roles that they have so ably done in the past. Please can we encourage you all before the AGM to use your skills of persuasion and ask likely members to serve on the committee. You can tell them that it is great to be part of a fantastic team!