Join Ronan Keating and Richard Branson to swim the Irish Sea

24609684bSir Richard Branson and Ronan Keating are taking on the ultimate challenge of captaining a relay team to swim the Irish Sea, set a new Guinness World Record and raise £1million for Cancer Research UK when they tackle the feat in September.

The challenge

The team of ten people, including celebrities and members of the public, will brave the treacherous Irish Sea from Dublin to Holyhead for the “longest distance relay swim in open water” record. That’s 56 miles – almost three times the length of the English Channel – and there are sharks…

“I’m not a strong swimmer, so swimming, open water, in the Irish Sea is going to be a real challenge for me,” said Ronan. “But the motivation to raise £1million for Cancer Research UK was enough for me to sign up.”

Join the team

Cancer Research are giving two members of the public, who are regular swimmers, the once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of The Swim. To be in with a chance to join the team and find out more, please register your interest on The Swim Facebook page.

Sponsor the team

The Swim team need all the help they can get to reach their target. Please show your support and sponsor the team today.