Keri-anne Payne's competition build-up

In this exclusive three-part series from Maclay Murray & Spens, Keri-anne talks about life as marathon swimmer, double World Champion and Olympic silver medallist, offering unique insight into what keeps her going and how she deals with four-year goals, a gruelling training programme and the added challenge of her gluten-free dietary regime.

Episode 1 – The path to becoming an elite open water athlete is not for the faint hearted. Ten two-hour pool sessions – some 70,000 meters, coupled with four land sessions every week, plus 100,000 meters of racing every year is only the beginning. Here, Keri-anne talks about her preparation over the last four years and her support team.

Episode 2 – According to Keri-anne, sleep and nutrition are key to recovery. So what does a top athlete eat before a competition and how do you restore a sense of balance after a race? Find out more in this episode, as Keri-anne talks about her rice cakes with peanut butter, energy bombs and post-session smoothies.

Episode 3 – We’ve all had a ‘bad day in the office’ but how does Keri-anne handle set-backs? “Take the emotion out of swimming and understand controllables and non-controllables” is her tip. In this episode, Keri-anne discusses how she deals with winning and losing and the striking parallels between top-level sport and business, while reflecting on the her learning and development work with MMS’ latest group of trainees.