Kirstie Foweraker Completes Channel Relay Qualifier

Congratulations to EDOWSC swimmer Kirstie Foweraker who just completed a 2 hour qualifying swim on 27th May in advance of her Aspire Channel Relay. Kirstie started her swim at 7am in choppy conditions at Shore and had support from her friends from the club and from Facebook group “Beyond The Blue”.

The qualifying swim rules state that the swim has to take place under “Channel Rules” so no wetsuit – just a cossie, hat and goggles! Also, to count the qualifying swim has to be completed in water of less than 60ºF / 15.5ºC.

Kirstie is swimming the Channel in an Aspire team. Aspire is a national charity that provides practical help to people who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury; it can happen to anyone at any time and no one is prepared for how it will change their life. Aspire exists because there is currently no cure. If you like to sponsor Kirstie please find out more on her Just Giving page.

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