LEN European Open Water Championships 2010 – Men's 10km and Women's 5km


The British Open Water Team, powered by British Gas, entered David Davies, Daniel Fogg and Richard Charlesworth into the 10km race and they were pitted against 2009 World Champion Thomas Lurz.

Olympic silver medallist Davies, who was making his return to Open Water swimming, led for most of the race but found that the final 2km was too much and he fell back into the pack of swimmers. World Championship swimmer Fogg swam a promising race and finished in 11th place with a time of 1:54:40.2.

Charlesworth finished in 27th place in 1:56:33.2 and Davies finished his race in a time of 1:58.21.4 in 30th place.

Daniel Fogg
Daniel Fogg
Team Leader Mark Perry commented: “The race was a tough one in a quality field and for us we can take many positives from these results. For Dave to return to action and lead for 8km is very positive. Although he hit a wall, we know where he is now and where he needs to be to gain success.

“The sport is still relatively new in terms of top level competition and there is still a lot for our athletes to learn but each time we come away having built our knowledge a bit further.”

Thomas Lurz (GER), gold in 1:54:22.5 hours: ’I am really content with this race, dominated by tactics. I felt very well on the last kilometre and knew I would get a medal. 500m before the finishing line I took over the lead as planned, but this last stage was very exhausting. Since I had won twice here four years ago, I am beginning to like the Balaton.’

Valerio Cleri (ITA), silver, 1:54:24.8hrs: ’I confirmed my World Championship result though it was very difficult to maintain my form during the short time since Roberval. At the last buoy 500m before the finishing line I found a good road, improved my position by several places, and suddenly I was at Lurz’s feet, but couldn’t overtake him, as he was very clever and cut me off.’

Evgeny Drattsev (RUS), bronze, 1:54:26.6hrs: ’It as a very tough race right from the start for me. Perhaps because I didn’t have much time to recover after the World Championships at Roberval. I wanted to overtake Lurz and Cleri on the last 400 metres, but both cut me off.’

Women’s 5km Open Water Swim
Ekaterina Seliverstova (RUS), gold, 1:02:34.7 hours: ’It is really tough to swim on your own. You can’t orientate on others. The wait until all have finished and for the final result is not so bad. At the end it was close once more, but the wait has paid off.’

Kalliopi Araouzou (GRE), silver, 1:02:37.3hrs: ’It is simply incredible! This is my first open water season and my first big European Championship. I cannot yet believe it.’

Marianna Lymperta (GRE), bronze, 1:02:41.3hrs: ’I am so happy! These medals will encourage Kalliopi and me next week when we also compete in the pool and hope for a similarly good result.’