Lurz and Okimoto win FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2009 Copenhagen

29 August 2009 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Starting and finishing in the beautiful setting of the Frederiksholms old canal district of Copenhagen, 27 swimmers – 13 men and 14 ladies – set off on five laps of 2km.

German Thomas Lurz (pictured) won the Men’s race in 1.57,40 with Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria second in 01.57,43 and Russian Sergay Bolshakov third in 01.57,48. Brazilian Poliana Okimoto won the ladies race 02.05,15 ahead of team mate Ana Marcela Cunha (02.05,27). Third place went to the German swimmer Angela Maurer (02.05,30)

Thomas Lurz
Thomas Lurz
Daniel Fogg pulled out his best performance in a FINA World Cup in the sixth leg of the series in Copenhagen as he finished in sixth place.

The British Gas Open Water swimmer recently competed at the FINA World Championships and put in a strong performance in Copenhagen but was edged out towards the end.

Fogg, the British Gas Great London Swim silver medallist secured his top six finish to show his development as a 10km open water swimmer. The Loughborough ITC swimmer finished within the top eight to ensure he was guaranteed a slice of the overall prize money.

David Davies and Eleanor Faulkner were forced to withdraw from the race due to illness.

1: Thomas Lurz, Germany. 01.57,40.
2: Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria. 01.57,43.
3: Sergay Bolshakov, Russia. 01.57,48.
4: Allan Do Carmo, Brazil. 01.57,50.
5: Christian Reichert, Germany. 01.57,54.
6. Daniel Fogg, England 01.58,06.
7: Saleh Mohammad, Syria. 01.58,07.
8: Kirill Abrosimov, Russia. 01.59,37.
9: Barton Wells USA 02.07,10.
10: Flemming Sorensen, Denmark. 02.08,27.
11: Nicklas Luplau, Denmark. 02.09,01.

1. Poliana Okimoto, Brazil. 02.05,15.
2: Ana Marcela Cunha, Brazil. 02.05,27.
3: Angela Maurer, Germany. 02.05,30.
4: Anna Guseva, Russia. 02.05,35.
5: Natalya Pankina, Russia. 02.05,36.
6: Nadine Reichert, Germany. 02.05,42.
7: Mathilde Sorensen, Denmark. 02.05,44.
8: Elizaveta Gorshkova, Russia. 02.06,16.
9: Heidi George, USA 02.08,53.
10: Trina Gudnitz, Denmark. 02.10,57.
11: Sofia Berggren, Sweden. 02.16,16.
12: Ellen Olsson, Sweden. 02.16,17.
13: Anna-Carin Nordin, Sweden. 02.47,17.