Midmar Mile 2010

World Champion Keri-Anne Payne retained her title in South Africa’s Midmar Mile race on Valentine’s day as the Brits took all of the podium places in the women’s race.

Keri-Anne Payne
Keri-Anne Payne
Olympic silver medallist Payne touched home first in 19 m 24 s, closely followed by team-mates Katy Whitfield winner of the Great London Swim, in 19 m 27 s and Olympic bronze medallist Cassie Patten in 19 m 30 s.

Charlotte Wooliscroft was fourth in 19 m 34 s with Sophie Casson taking fifth place in the race.

World Championship swimmer Daniel Fogg took silver in the men’s race with European Junior medalist Tom Allen taking eighth. British Gas ITC Stockport swimmer David Carry came 13th.

The British Gas ITC Stockport swimmers have taken time out from an altitude training camp in South Africa to compete in the event, which was held at Howick in Kwa Zulu Natal the Kingdom of the Zulu and is in its 37th year attracting over 17,000 entries.

In September 2009, the Guinness Book of Records officially recognised it as the world’s largest open water swimming event with 13,755 finishers.

The team consisted of:

Sophie Casson
Cassandra Patten
Keri-Anne Payne
Katy Whitfield
Charlotte Woolliscroft
Thomas Allen
David Carry
David Davies
Daniel Fogg