Nominations open for 2011 Aquaforce Volunteer and Coaching Awards

Aquaforce Volunteer and Coaching Awards
Aquaforce Volunteer and Coaching Awards
Every year the ASA uses the Aquaforce Awards as a chance to thank those who dedicate vital hours, days and weeks to our sport. This year, could it be you or your club that are honoured?

Nominatons for the 2011 Aquaforce Volunteer and Coaching Awards are now open, and we and the ASA want to see the highest number of nominations to date.

This year nominations for both sets of awards (volunteer and coaching) will be made using the same nomination form, making the process easier for clubs.

Between now and 30 June 2011, the ASA are inviting clubs and counties to submit nominations. Simply click to download a nomination form.

Read about the 2010 Regional and National award winners.

The Aquaforce Awards will be presented again at the ASA Council dinner and the Regional Coaching Awards winners will be nominated for the relevant national award, (Swimtastic, Aquaforce or BSCA).

Following on from 2010 the categories are:

Aquaforce Awards

  1. Outstanding contribution at club level
  2. Outstanding contribution at county/regional level
  3. Long Service Award (25 years or more)
  4. Young Volunteer – under 18 year
  5. Outstanding contribution by a 18 to 25 year old

Coaching Awards

  1. FUNdamentals Person of the Year
  2. Health and Lifelong Participation Person of the Year
  3. Skill-Development Person of the Year
  4. High Performance Person of the Year
  5. Coaching Environment of the Year
  6. Young Person of the Year
  7. The Coaching Chain
  8. Person Educator of the Year
  9. Lifetime Achievement Award

Criteria for winners
All nominations should come from clubs, leisure providers or swim schools that are affiliated to the ASA.

All nominated coaches, teachers or officials should have the appropriate qualifications.

Nominations from swim21 clubs is preferable but not essential.

All categories should be considered against the following areas:

  • What impact has the coaches/volunteers actions had on others?
  • What have they done that is beyond what is expected from them?
  • Have they inspired and supported others around them to fulfil their roles?

So that’s all you need to know. Get nominating and good luck!