Open Water Officials Workbooks

We need many more judges to support the increasing interest in open water competitions.

Level 1 applicants will be registered with the ASA as candidates for Open Water official and will have an experienced referee appointed as a mentor. Your mentor will arrange an introductory course as soon as possible and will direct you through the processes, theoretical work and practical experience required. A workbook will be issued (or you can download it). During your training you will be expected to work alongside qualified officials. Once you have completed your training you will be qualified to act as an Open Water timekeeper, chief timekeeper, finish judge, and turn judge.

Download workbook 1 for Open Water Judge Level 1

Level 2 applicants will work directly with their appointed mentor to meet the additional targets and experience required for this level. You will be expected to perform the duties of starter, race judge, chief judge, assistant referee, safety officer, course officer, clerk of the course and recorder. Some of these will be under close supervision so that you can gain the experience, particularly when assisting the safety officer or course officer. Once you complete the training you will be qualified to act as race judge, chief judge and assistant referee. This is in addition to the roles you qualified for during level 1.

Download workbook 2 for Open Water Judge Level 2

Use you mentor to get advice and guidance on how you should add to your experience and he /she will also help you by trying to ensure that you get invited to officiate at a wide range of events.

Visit the ASA website for application forms.