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Studland Bay
Studland Bay
East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club’s Seahorse Swim raised money to support the work of the Studland Seagrass and Seahorse Study Group.

For BBC Radio Four’s ‘Open Country’ , Helen Mark was in Dorset to hear how the area around Studland Bay could be affected by a proposed Marine Conservation Zone and how one resident has stirred up passions locally.

As parts of the sea around Studland and Swanage are being considered as a possible Marine Conservation Zone, Helen discovers the possible impacts on the local community; in particular to some of the residents of Studland Bay. The bay is home to a colony of breeding sea horses and opinions are divided as to whether the delicate seagrass which is home to these creatures can be harmed by the anchoring of boats.

Helen heard from the Seahorse Trust, a charity which has been researching and monitoring the seahorses, and Dr Ken Collins, an expert in seagrass. Helen also heard from some members of the local community who are concerned about the effects a possible no anchor zone could have on the economy of the area and their way of life.

Click here to listen to the episode broadcast at 6.07am on 18 Dec 2010 and again on 23 Dec 2010 at 3pm.