Open Water Swimming Book

Steven Munatones’ book ‘Open Water Swimming’ will take you to the next level. In a sport as wild as open water swimming, swimmers and coaches, and race directors need some guidelines or fundamentals and this book will help lay down the frameworks necessary.

Open Water Swimming is an essential guide to maneuvering the open-water environment and describes how to prepare logistically, physically, and mentally for open-water swims. The book includes stroke techniques, racing tactics, and training plans for triathlon, middle-distance, and marathon-distance swims.

Chapter 1. The Open-Water Swimmer
Chapter 2. Overcoming the Elements
Chapter 3. Choosing Your Events
Chapter 4. The Open-Water Tool Kit
Chapter 5. Building a Faster Freestyle
Chapter 6. Preparing for Short-Distance Swims
Chapter 7. Preparing for Middle-Distance Swims
Chapter 8. Preparing for Marathon Swims
Chapter 9. Racing Tactics for Every Event
Chapter 10. Triathlon Training and Finishing Fast

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