Out of the Box

Excerpts from USA Swimming’s Out of the Box Open Water DVD for clubs (January 2009).

Introduction to Open Water for Parents

Video introduction for parents explaining what Open Water swimming is all about and why your child might like to give it a try (3m 21s flashplayer required to view).

Why Open Water?

Why do some swimmers get so excited about Open Water racing? How can you get started? View simple tips from the experts (2m 25s).

Why Open Water – Coaches

It is now an Olympic event. What is Open Water all about? What is the allure? (3m 42s)

Turning and Sighting in Open Water

View a couple of the skills easily learned by swimmers to be successful in Open Water races. Just like in the pool, great turns are important in Open Water as well as swimming in a straight line (2m 56s)

Hosting Open Water Competitions in the States

Get an idea what it takes to run a lucrative Open Water meet in the States. What are the sanctioning requirements? Learn more from the Open Water Meet Directors Guide (2m 46s)

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