Outside the Box

A new open water swimming DVD – Outside the Box: A Total Immersion Program for Success in Open Water – is available for purchase from 1 December 2008.

An efficient stroke is the foundation for success in open water, but comfort and confidence are equally important. “Outside the Box” will show you how to take your best pool stroke to open water and then stay efficient in any conditions and while racing. View video (3m 18s flashplayer required to view).

Terry Laughlin: “It has the potential to inspire more sheer excitement and desire to swim – especially in a natural environment. No walls or boundaries, no chlorine – no limits.

It’s said that it can take 3000 or more repetitions to commit the simplest of movements to muscle memory, and up to 20,000 to make a complex skill “permanent.” After learning a new skill – e.g. Mail Slot entry — with OverSwitch drills, and short, focused whole-stroke repeats, you commit it to muscle memory with thousands of strokes on which you visualize slipping your hand and forearm through the mail slot on entry.

This next clip (2m 52s) is bonus material mixing footage of Endless Pool, regular pool, Lake Minnewaska and race (Masters World Championships shot by Shinji). Several scenes illustrate myelin secretion in graphic terms.

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